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All Who Love Are Thine ::: [Jun. 15th, 2006|03:24 pm]

*Everythings always better when its just natural...just happenin..just RAW like it IS...no there is no make up no fix up no product - no method of style mode that isnt just spontaneous - no thinking about it except to say here I am just as is & its cool its real its just fine, You know? I want to capture this moment, along the way, coz each day, is just so different so new so wide open for anything if you just keep your eyes fixed to that opening - He said the road is steep & narrow & its the truth, but thats what makes it so indescribably brilliant - a genius jack of all trades universe where everyone knows just enough to make it so theres nothing we can't do as a people & who cares about how long it might take, if you sit there doubting then you're the one whos left behind coz I sure aint stopping & neither is anyone else on-board this MOTHERSHIP this RELATIONSHIP which we built with our love, our blood, with our sweat & spit & tears & time & the light thats been pouring out of our souls since the day we were born...we're cruising on a joy ride flood tide of naturalness & space...turning light into weight into speed strait for the unknown the unstuck the unutterable, awaiting...your minds eye can navigate the whole way if you let it, a singular focus - don't look left or right, giving distractions of your energy instead of your awareness - look straight ahead, follow that beam thats in your chest & up your spine & head over heels in LOVE with LIVING even in the rough stuff the choppy waters that sometimes comes when we do these POLE SHIFTS turning disfunctions into functionality so nobodys left out anymore, so nobodys taken advantage of anymore, so nobodys gotta play the part of LESS for the sake of the super-ego's education...its all play anyway, a song, a dance, a game, but now-now-now its all up front - all the pieces are there for anyone to see - now make a play! make a move! its your turn! it might seem like the whole world is playing but its really just a game of solitaire - leading to a CHECK MATE with "That Which Moved it FIRST"...
ark & amen.


[User Picture]From: boosting4love
2006-10-24 03:16 pm (UTC)
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